Here we go again! Okay I’ve lived in NZ 14 continuous years. Yikes!! The most I’ve ever done is 13. I thought I’d grown out of the wander/live abroad thing, but no it seems the constant desire to relocate was merely suspended.
There are so many reasons to go and live in the States but of course our wanderlust is an important one. We spend so much time and money getting out of NZ it made sense in both cases to base ourselves in a more central location until we enter our ‘rocking chair years’ and come back to the Bayswater apartment at the Mount.
This Friday we leave for 7 months to Australia/Vanuatu then up to San Fran where we’ll spend five months touring around North America. We’ll purchase a house while we’re over there. We’ve decided to set up house in Vacaville, California about 1hr 45mins from San Francisco. We’ll use most of our time here looking for property and making a purchase. Our target date to get over there is by the end of Feb 2015.
We’re all going; the cat, the dog – the lot!
I’m sending this out as a new post on the blog to keep everyone in the loop. As all progresses I’ll put up more posts with contact details. Hope to see many of you over there; not too far from SanFran so we can come up and collect you. Once you hit Vacaville you’re on your way to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Yellowstone.