I’ll get back to the Oasis, but in the meantime: ’57 channels with Nothing On.’

Bruce Springsteen sang the song in the late 1980s.  Remember it?  I do.  Brought up in New Zealand with Channels 1, 2 & 3 in those days, I had no idea what the lyrics were getting at.  Now it’s 2014 and a proliferation of television channels that Bruce wouldn’t have dreamed of 30+ years ago is now available in every New York dining space.  It’s frenetic.  A small space will have no fewer than 3,  50″ screens flickering over the diners.  Two sports channels usually showing baseball and basketball run simultaneous to  different channel’s news broadcasts dealing in 5 second soundbites as visual snatches run beneath.  The only way around this is to go and eat in very expensive restaurants.

I swear television is being used as a brainwashing tool of the masses.  I tried to keep up with the ebola news as it broke. The only way was to buy a newspaper or Time magazine.   Once we stop travelling for a bit I’ll take time out to some research the best source for news here and abroad.


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